Belated Wedding Wishes

Belated Wedding Wishes

Belated Wedding Wishes

Extremely sorry for missing your wedding but sending you endless love and blessings on your way.

Please forgive me for missing your wedding day. Wishing you endless adventure and amazing experiences.

I feel sad for not being able to wish you on time. But I don’t think it’s too late to wish now. May you enjoy happy married life forever!

Belated congratulations on your wedding, dears. I wish you two a healthy and happy journey of life together.

It is never late to wish because I always keep you two in my prayers. Have a blessed and beautiful life together.

I am not late; I just didn’t want to disturb your newlywed lovey-dovey time. Have a safe life together.

I want to see you forever smiling together no matter what life brings before you. Sorry for being late but my good wishes are always with you!

Marriage is a blessing for every soul that knows how to love the other. Congratulations on you for starting the journey of sweet marriage hood!

Belated marriage congratulations, favorite couple. Sorry for sending this so late. Best wishes.

Sorry For Late Wedding Wishes

Sorry For Late Wedding Wishes

My heartfelt congratulation goes to you two, the lovely couple. Enjoy your wedding life. Sorry for this late.

Really sorry for this best belated birthday. I mean wedding wishes to you two lovebirds.

Sorry for this delay but I was busy thinking about your wedding gift. Sending you my warm wishes.

May God multiply the love and affection that you share in the years that are yet to come! Congratulations on your wedding! Sorry for being late!

My failure in wishing you just at the right moment has nothing to do with the fact that you’re going to have an everlasting happy marriage. Congratulation!

Wishing you all the good things in life, beautiful. Sending you belated warm wedding wishes.

You’re going to be a good wife and a great life partner for him. I have no doubt about that. Belated wedding wishes to you.

I know I’m a bit late but I hope you can forgive me because you’re the sweetest bride there was and there will ever be. Congratulations!

Hope your husband keeps on loving you like day 1 for the rest of your life. Sorry for this late wish.

Belated Wedding Wish Image

Belated Wedding Wish Image

I wish to see an everlasting union between you two. My heartiest congratulations go to you. Belated wedding wishes to both of you!

Some people are born lucky and then there are a few who get to marry someone like you. My deepest apology for not wishing on time. Congratulations!

I cannot believe you have married already, beautiful. That is why I took my time to wish you on your special day. Better late than never.

May God bless you and your new family- today, tomorrow, and always. Have a wonderful life.

You are the brightest and most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. No wonder why he chose you to marry. Belated wedding wishes to you!

You must be feeling the load of thousand good wishes on your wedding. Here is one more. May God grant you a happy married life!

You deserve no less than a cheerful married life. You’re the perfect bride that everyone dreams of. Belated Wedding wishes to you!

Extremely sorry for my late wedding wishes. Have a happy and blessed life. Sending you love and blessings.

You’re about to start the most colorful journey of your life. I hope the best for you and your bride. Happy wedding!

Belated Wedding Wish Picture

Belated Wedding Wish Picture

Congratulations to both of you. My sincere apology for not wishing on time. May God blesses you!

To the handsome groom of a beautiful bride, may your life be showered with unlimited happiness and infinite joys! Congratulations!

Bleated congratulations on your union, lovebirds. May you stay true and together, forever.

She is lucky enough to find a handsome and responsible groom like you. I wish you a happy forever with her. Sorry for being late!

Congrats on your marriage. May all your happiness gets 10x merrier with your wife by your side.

Hope your wife makes you the happiest man every day on earth. Have a blessed life together.

Congratulations on finding the right woman in your life. You’ll make a good husband and a great father, I’m sure! Belated wedding wishes to you!

A man becomes the master of his destiny when he manages to find a woman talented as he is. Congratulations to you for doing exactly that.

May the spirit of love surround you forever like a warm blanket on a cold night? Forgive me if I’m late, but my prayers are will always be with you!

Belated Wedding Wish

Belated Wedding Wish

May the love you share always remain unconditional and unfading! I wish both of you a long-lasting marriage. Belated wedding wishes to you!

Today, I offer excuse but as for your forgiveness. Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on your wedding! May this marriage be full of love, joy, and happiness!

You are a treasure no matter what kind of wrapping paper is used to decorate you. You have been a great friend and you’ll make a good life partner!

You, my friend, are the kind of person that everyone dream of having as a life partner. You bring luck for everyone you care for. Congratulation on your wedding!

Only a few people in the world have a heart as pure as you. Congratulations on your wedding. May you have a fruitful married life!

May you enjoy a marriage full of love, romance and glory! May God grant you a happy family and a house full of kids! Congratulations!

You’ve always been a great friend to me. I want you to know that I’ll always be with you and your wife whenever you need me. Congratulations!

You’re the most amazing friend I have. Your wedding day was no less than a holiday for me. Except, I just missed the part of wishing you!

Lies travel faster than the truth. So, in that sense, of all the wedding wishes you received, mine is the truest. Congratulations!

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